Fun activities that will make your volunteer in India enjoyable.



All work with no play makes jack a dull boy. This does not only apply for the students but for the people who are engaging in volunteer work. You need to engage in recreational activities, this will help you relax and also enjoy your volunteer work in India

You still need to stay fir even while away from home. You should not use this as an excuse to miss our daily routine of exercises and fun activities; there are lot of avenues available where you can still have fun as you continue with your volunteer work.

Daily walk or jogs.

You will most likely be working between four to eight hours a day, and then the rest for you to relax and rejuvenate. This can be a long period if you are not engage in any activities. It is a period when one can get idle and homesick crops in.

 They say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Even when you are out of the country, temptations to engage in some risk or unlawful acts may crop in especially when you are idle. Engaging in activities not only helps time fly away but also keeps your mind occupied. A daily jog or walk near your residence will help a lot in keeping you fit and also in helping your body to relax.

 Do this every day and you will have the best time, you will wonder how time flies. If you get a group which you can walk and jog together, the activities is even more fun. However, if there is no one else who is interested, no cause of alarm, do it in the fields or in the streets, I am sure you will get other people who are in it too. 

Working as a volunteer in India should not be a justification to miss you daily walk, plan on it and get down to business, it is more necessary than you imagine. It is also a period when you can learn about your neighborhood and also discover places and sites worth visiting.

Hanging out with friends and colleagues.

Interacting after work presents a moment where you can learn about people. You can frequent entertainment spots or social halls and get to interact with friends and locals. This is a golden chance to sample life beyond the working environment. 

You will get to hear stories which perhaps would not come across at workplace; this will help you understand the country better. You can also watch movies and cinemas as well as attend show. 

India is known to be the heart beat of entertainment , going home without a Bangla record or an Indian movie will not have completed the trip to India, buy one and take it home as a gift to your family and friends.

There are several fun activities to explore while volunteering in India; all work will make you a dull person. Engage in play, watch movies, listen to music, jog and run and you will enjoy the whole period.